This is not the front; 2018

wood panel, house paint, led lights

Handwritten text on the wall reads-

This is not the front. This is not the wall. This is not the right side up. This is not the reverse nor is it esrever. You saw yourself walking backwards. You were walking forwards. The wall was above you. The wall was beside you. Stay still. Still moving. Everyone and everything is falling freely. They appear to be on stable ground. There is no stable ground. It’s all situational. Walls are situational. If a wall is flying through the air. You might bump into a wall. For a moment. If you see it. Directional states of mind. Bumped. You walked through a building. You did not guide yourself. The building. You were at the end. You were at the beginning.

Music plays -

You want to

believe in yourself.

we want you to

believe in yourself.