How’s Your Traffic?; 2016

This complex piece launched in 2016 via the social media site Instagram. It is a performance, an interactive internet installation, and a video piece all in one. Over three days I used live streaming traffic cameras which are accessible to the public, click here to view cameras, to release a code to a password locked website. The locations were pre-planned, the link to view the performances was released via Instagram earlier the same day. The breakdown is below.

day 1: camera at I-196 and College Ave, Grand Rapids, MI

day 2: camera at US-131 and Franklin St, Grand Rapids, MI

day 3: camera on GVSU Campus in Allendale, MI

Initially the performances were scheduled out for one week, but had to be cut short due to bad weather conditions.

Currently, the password locked website that concluded the performances, is not accessible due to funding. The video piece that aired on the website is linked below.